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A Decade of Service – A Decade of Excellence
On May 5th, 2005 a new professional services consulting firm was launched in Richmond Virginia. The focus of the firm’s service portfolio would be centered on an organizations business operation to assist them in all aspects of their Information Technology investments. The goal of the firm was to supply consulting services of the highest quality at the most economical cost possible. The quality of these services and the performance of the firm would be measured by the customer’s satisfaction and so International Consulting Services LLC (ICS) was born. Now a decade later the firm has grown to be one of the best known firms in the Richmond public sector, serving Virginia State government and local governments across Virginia.

ICS knows that its goal of high quality services at an economic cost will never totally be achieved as we continually move the bar higher and higher but it has certainly been recognized by our customers, evident by an average satisfaction rating of 4.65 out of a possible 5. In addition 100% of the customer satisfaction surveys returned state that customers would willingly re-engage and highly recommend ICS.

It has been a rewarding and challenging ten years. Rewarding from one aspect of being able to assist Virginia state government in establishing an internationally recognized performance management system, challenging in having to navigate one of the toughest recessions in U.S. history which makes me proud of what we have achieved over the past ten years.

These achievements are only possible because of the professionalism, hard work and dedication that each and every ICS consultant brings to his or her daily activities. ICS is not an individual, it is a team of dedicated professionals that may not work together but share a common goal to ensure they provide their customers the highest possible quality services.

ICS LLC at the 2017 RVA Career Expo
ICS LLC at 2017 RVA Career Expo
RVA Career Expo (October 13, 2017):

International Consulting Services once again supported the RVA Career Expo – Richmond’s premier professional job fair. With 111 employers exhibiting, 1,400 open jobs advertised, and 990 job seekers, ICS, in conjunction with the other exhibiting employers, enabled RVA Career Expo to raise over $12,000 for Virginia Tech Scholarships. Over 100 volunteers helped make the Expo a success!

2017 IT Roundtable - Career Prospectors and JAM
2017 IT Roundtable - Career Prospectors and JAM - ICS LLC Consulting Firm
IT Roundtable – Career Prospectors and JAM (May 16, 2017):

ICS was invited by Career Prospectors and JAM to present at their IT Roundtable discussion. With a presentation, followed by a Q and A session, ICS shared updates and changes within the state and local government, including the Commonwealth Project Manager Program and an overview of VITA’s (Virginia Information Technologies Agency) Sourcing Program.

2017 ICS Social at James River Cellars
2017 ICS Social at James River Cellars - ICS LLC Consulting Firm
ICS Social at James River Cellars (June 2, 2017):

International Consulting Services held a social event at James River Cellars for its team of consultants and their families. It was a truly pleasant evening of comradery and fellowship, which included wine tasting, plenty of food, and live music provided by Planet Full of Blues.

2016 VAGHC Conference - ICS LLC Consulting Firm
Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference (November 16-18, 2016):

The International Consulting Services booth at this year’s Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference held in Roanoke, Virginia. The focus of this year’s conference was “A door to economic opportunity.” The three-day conference was attended by over 800 participants and vendors.

2016 DPS Forum Logo
2016 DPS Forum - ICS LLC Consulting Firm
DPS Procurement Forum (November 14-16, 2016):

Once again this year International Consulting Services (ICS) hosted a booth at the DPS Procurement Forum, Virginia’s largest event for public procurement professionals and supplier partners. ICS has supported this event since the company was established in 2005.


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